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Tellthebell survey has a very high cost. When the customers complete the TellTheBell survey, Taco Bell has the opportunity to examine its services in order to improve the user experience in addition to offering customers tempting rewards.

Take Taco Bell Survey

Taco Bell Survey


Here are several ways to participate in the Taco Bell customer satisfaction and feedback survey, which are listed below for your convenience:

Take Taco Bell Survey

Methods of Participation

  • Through their official survey URL,, customers can access or participate in the Taco Bell customer satisfaction and feedback portal online.
  • submission via mail for the Taco Bell customer satisfaction survey.

Take Taco Bell Survey

How to take a survey?

Here is a step-by-step tutorial for completing the Taco Bell Tell The Bell Survey so you can compete to win $500.

  1. Visit, the Taco Bell customer satisfaction survey’s official website.
  2. You will now notice a 16-digit Tell the Bell survey code on the taco bell purchase receipt, which you must enter into the site as directed.
  3. Then, as indicated on the Tell the Bell Survey Feedback button, click on Start and begin answering each survey question one at a time.
  4. Give Taco Bell a rating based on your visit experience and answer the survey questions honestly.
  5. You will be prompted to choose if you wish to enter the sweepstakes to win $500 when all of the Taco Bell Tell the Bell survey responses have been submitted. For a chance to win $500, simply respond “YES!”
  6. You will then be asked for your name and phone number if you choose to submit them, and the tell the bell survey is complete.

You will receive a tell the bell discount code at the conclusion of the survey provided all the questions have been truthfully addressed on the Taco Bell customer feedback site. You must save this Taco Bell coupon code so that you can use it at any Taco Bell location and be eligible to win $500 in a contest.

Take Taco Bell Survey


Taco Bell’s tell the bell survey contains 4 winners who were chosen at random from a pool of participants. This implies that you can also be eligible for the tell the bell sweepstakes and even the survey lucky draw.

The lucky winners of the Tellthebell sweepstakes will get a reward of $500 from the company.

Take Taco Bell Survey

The TellTheBell Story

The company Taco Bell was founded by Glenn Bell. In 1946, while he was only 23 years old, he opened Bell’s Drive, a hot dog stand. After that, he oversaw a number of eateries until opening the first Taco Bell in 1962 in California. When Taco Bell first opened its doors, there was 325 locations total. In 1978, PepsiCo acquired Taco Bell from Glenn Bell and continues to run it now.

Currently, there are 7,000 Taco Bell stores spread across several nations. Tex-Mex cuisine is the restaurant’s area of expertise (Texan and Mexican fusion). The tacos are the primary draw. Serving more than 2 million consumers a year gives Taco Bell great pride.

Take Taco Bell Survey


A fantastic illustration of the adage “Rome wasn’t built in a day” is Taco Bell. You’ll never forget Taco Bell’s success, which has grown from a single restaurant to more than 7,000 locations around the globe.

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